Beginning today (Thursday) and continuing for the foreseeable future, Americans and others focused on not allowing the Trump administration to run roughshod over our nation (apparently, we are being called snowflakes now) will be out being seen and being heard. Although this guide is not inclusive by any means, hopefully it will help you plan, learn more about, or attend events near you. Equally important, it is critical to become educated about effecting change long after the inauguration ceremonies are over.


If you want to learn more about ongoing activism and how to get your voice heard in Congress, the Indivisible Guide is a must-read.

And there’s the Resistance Manual compiled by Black Lives Matter affiliates Stay Woke and Campaign Zero.

The ACLU has compiled a Know Your Rights guide.


Boston.com is compiling a handy guide to protests going on around the nation.

Here is a New York Magazine rundown of activities if you live in or near NYC.

Written by Mark Zustovich

After several years of working on Wall Street straight out of high school, Mark enjoyed nearly twenty years as an award-winning broadcast journalist and news director whose career included 1010 WINS Radio (New York City), WHWH-AM/WPST-FM, WSRR-AM, WRNJ-AM and the Star-Ledger (all New Jersey), as well as CNN Radio, ABC Radio, and the Associated Press (AP), which honored him as the Best New Jersey-based Correspondent in 2000, 2001 and 2003. He has spent the last decade as a nonprofit and government communications specialist. In addition to being a youth mentor and LGBTQ and social justice advocate, Mark is a writer, genealogist, biographer, photographer, two-time New York City Marathon finisher and a martial artist who aspires to perform on the stage. He is also an avid backpacker, hiker and camper. A Long Island native, Mark lives in New York City.


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